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“Dramatic look away Rich”

Please don’t for a minute confuse “Dramatic look away Rich” with “GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip,” or “Corvette Driving Ken Doll.”  Nope, I’m 100% human non plastic and everything.

It’s hard getting perspective in landscape shots sometimes.  It’s even harder portraying the sheer size of the canyons here.  So there are moments when I willingly get in front of the camera.  Normally I’d rather be behind the camera.  It’s extremely safe there you know.  Nothing can touch you behind that lens.  But in front of the lens?  Yeah, that’s when the Chupacabra come out of the rocks to get ya!

Last weekend I had many moments where I needed to really relay the size of the formations I was hiking in.  What to do, what to do?  Well, clearly it was time to break out “dramatic look away Rich” (hence forth to be known as DLAR, I’ll trademark it soon).  The tripod was readied, the self timer timed away, and I ran into position over and over again.  Looking at the camera I make too many goofy faces.  If you’ve followed this blog you know what I mean.  But working the DLAR route you don’t know what stupid face I’m making.

What came out of the self timed look away shots?

Enjoy the scene, stop trying to figure out what camera pack I have on.


This scene is so dramatic I'm just not in it...... 🙂


Oh there's Rich again! Almost looks like I'm waiting for a bus or something....


What's so gosh darned interesting on the top of the cliff? I keep looking up!


Almost looks like I'm facing the camera here.


If there was such a thing as a sexy hiker pose.....well, this wouldn't be it.


Oh good, a simple shot of a slot canyon......phew!


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