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My sister dug up an old photo from back in the day this weekend.  And she popped it up on Facebook.  🙂  It’s from the end of my Freshman year at Rollins College.  Almost 20 years ago…….

Sheesh, is it really that long ago?

When I first saw the image memories of that time came back quickly.  And I was sad to see the image had degraded.  So I immediately downloaded the image and started retouching.  Brought some extra color back to the three of us, removed the yellowing that had occurred in the white areas, removed spots and scratches, and then got a little more sharpness involved.

Oh when you show an old photo to someone who does retouching……beware!  While all the memories came back, my first instinct was to improve the old image!

Seeing this picture reminded me of a lot of the things I’ve been reading lately regarding the business of photography.  Photos are very important in our lives.  Whether it be snap shots, wedding pictures, portraits with a pro…….  Consider them markers on the road you’ve been down.  And losing photos?  I shudder to think.

Many of the books I’ve been reading and websites I’ve been through talk about how important pictures are to most everyone.  When a house burns down, a flood hits, or any other catastrophe occurs you will often hear people lament, “If we could have only saved the pictures.”  Heck, I know for a fact that people value images greatly.  I once spent a few days restoring two fire and water damaged photos that were saved from a house that burned down.  The couple was thrilled that I could bring the images back from the ashes.  I was pretty jazzed as well!  🙂

While snap shots are great, and we’ve all got them, there’s another thing that comes to mind.  This is why professional photographers offer a unique value.  If you want that perfect scene to capture yourself and loved ones, we can lend a hand.  And we offer something beyond just the quick snapshot.  There’s nothing wrong with the images from that Instamatic, but it’s also nice to have really well made images to help you recall those times.  Gotta say, I’m proud to offer such a value to my clients.

In the end, pictures help recall those times as your memory fades.  Mine’s still pretty sharp, so I’ll tell you a few things about this one and what it makes me remember……

Driving a White Volkswagen Fox from Florida to Massachusetts.  Windsurfing on Manchaug Pond.  The road trip Tony Corbett and I took, and finding out it was his first time ever out of Florida.  I remember him being dazzled by how GREEN New England was.  And his amazement with the rocks along the water’s edge (he referred to them as BOULDERS).  Hanging out at Purgatory Chasm.  Yup, I’ve always liked rock walls and cliffs.  Of course, my favorite hat which was worn for every exam I took while at Rollins.  And of course, my time at Rollins comes back to mind so quickly.

One image.  So many memories.

Speaking of images.  I’ll share one more.  My cousin popped this photo of my Mem & Pep up a few months ago.  And once again, I raced off to retouch!  Can’t help it!

Don’t even get me started on these memories.  Two of the most influential people in my life.  Christmas at their house.  “The Charpentier Christmas.”  Seeing aunts, uncles, cousins.  Playing with my first camera that I’d gotten as a present.  Wasting a lot of film and getting to know photos of my thumb and index finger……Believing that the world was a big amazing place that I’d take by storm, and having family members who never discouraged any of my dreams.  Sitting on a small rock island on Manchaug Pond with Mem having a picnic lunch of either burgers or her famous meat pie…….

Hang on to your photos folks!  And if you ever need to restore some, you know the guy to call.  I do understand what they mean to you!  Mine mean just as much to me.

Thanks for popping that photo up Jade!  🙂

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