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A new group is born?

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Yes, you’ve heard a ton about the photo walk the past few days.  Sorry about that.  It’s what’s been going on here, so it hits the blog!

Currently I’m sorting photos.  I get the honor of picking a photo to submit to the folks who organized this walk.  The photo will win the photographer a copy of the new Lightroom 2 book!  Pretty cool.  There are more prizes after that, but those decisions are up to Scott Kelby and his band of reviewers!

I wish I could pick my 10 favorites, not just one.  Many amazing shots came out of this weekend’s walk!  But there’s only one winner, so I get to pick.  I’ve had lots of input too though, and the comments on the Flickr group are helping me decide too.

While I’ve been going through the shots I’ve been doing some thinking.  It happens sometimes.  What am I thinking?

The group assembled for this walk was fun.  So many interesting perspectives.  We should really do this again.  Wonder how we could pull that together?

Other people are thinking the same.  I’ve gotten tons of e-mails about doing this again soon.  Also, I’ve gotten many e-mails about keeping our Flickr group open, allowing more photos, and keeping our new friendships going.

Hey, I like all of that.  Sounds good to me.

I’m thinking we should launch a new group though.  The Flickr group we have now is Scott Kelby’s Photo Walk: Prescott.  I’m thinking something more like Prescott Photo Walkers…..something along those lines.  It can be the initial group, and then expand to new people as they join in with us on walks.  Or they could join in via invites from current members.  I just don’t want to restrict it to Prescott, as we’re talking about shooting in other places.

Where could we shoot around here?  There’s just not much to see you know!

How about the following list:  Prescott, Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff, Seligman, Ashfork, Williams, Payson, and more.  Better yet, how about a few walks outside of the towns.  My mind was pondering West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon.  So much to see, so much to shoot!

Yeah, a new Flickr group will be born out of this.  I’ll have to run it by the group members and see what they want to do!  We’ll come up with something.

For today I still have to sort photos.  I’ll play with new group ideas seriously once I’ve picked “the best.”  What a hard task, we had many shots that were amazing!

Oh, and the two photos on today’s post?  I shot both last year as I was getting to know Prescott.  Since I didn’t take many on Saturday (running around) I hit my archives!  🙂

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  1. Aww, the second picture looks terrible (just noticed). I resized it in the blogging program. It was too big. Didn’t notice the distortion it added! Whoops!

  2. Yeah, I it is a great idea. I would love to go out with a group again for some walking. Be it in town or elsewhere.

    I agree with separation from the scott kelby group.

  3. Rich,

    Two more suggestions. How about contacting the coordinators for the 2 other photo walks that took place in Arizona: in Phoenix and in Tucson? Perhaps volunteers could come forth and spread the concept throughout the state more quickly.

    Also, there are is a branch of the Arizona Department of Commerce called Arizona Main Street. There are currently 15 communities participating in the program that seeks to enhance the economic viability of cities and towns by focusing on the built environment as an integral part of the business that takes place within. This program grows out of the effort by Mary Means of the Midwest Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation back in the ’70s. I have personal knowledge of its origins and success having been a part of the original marketing and economic research team. I’m sure that some or all of the coordinators would welcome the opportunity to show off their communities in a way that would emphasize the beauty of the built environment. Tying a photo walk day into some other community activity is a win-win for everyone.

  4. Ok Mike, you’re scaring me. Stay out of my mind!

    I was thinking similar thoughts on contacting the other groups in AZ, and sat down to type out an e-mail to them. Then I looked at your comment and decided to reply first!

    All sounds good! 🙂 Seriously though, watch the psychic link thing there! 😉

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