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A project week coming up

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Currently I’m counting the days.  I’ll be getting out of dodge with the Airstream on Friday and won’t be returning until next Friday.

For clients that means I’ll be away from March 30th through April 6th. 

Next week I’ll be in the Page area once again.  There are a few things I want to return to shoot, and a few places that I keep wanting to shoot but not getting to due to time constraints.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cover everything in a week and report back with an amazing trip report and images.

One set of images in particular will be of interest to readers I’m sure.  See, since I’ve started doing portrait work and off camera lighting setups I’ve wanted to do some type of epic portrait in an amazing location.  Next week I will in fact be doing that!

Ever since I watched Drew Gardner’s “Location Lighting” DVD I’ve wanted to do some kind of epic location shoot.  It’s been in my head for a while now, but came to the forefront of my mind on a recent drive from Williams to Prescott.  I know the exact image I want.  And I’ve got a model who is willing to travel to the area, hike a good distance, help carry gear, and finally model for the image.  It’s going to be an all day event for one image.

Isn’t that exciting?

Well to me it is.


If you’re in the Page area next week and want to get in on being part of an epic location shot drop me a line here!  I’d love to have more than one model for the week, and would happily rearrange my schedule to make it work out!

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