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Acker Music Festival tonight

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott 2 Comments

This morning it completely slipped my mind.  That’s been happening all week……

Acker is taking place tonight.

In the gallery we’ll be hosting Pat Beary.  Businesses all over downtown Prescott will be hosting musicians and staying open beyond their standard times (at least we’re open later).

Just for fun I’ve brought the hard drive camcorder down and I’ll be shooting the events for an upcoming podcast.  I miss making podcats.  Remember all of the Airstream Chronicles’ travels?  Yeah, I’ve still got them on file and someday I’ll repost them once more!

So, look forward to a video or two next week.  If you’re in the area I sure hope you’ll come down town and enjoy the festivities!

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  1. Even with the slight drizzle, it was a wonderful night and fantastic turn out! The great thing about watching Acker evolve over the years is how many groups of talent are just gathered around singing or playing their instruments! There are so many talented people living in our little corner of the world. I think Acker is really the last wonderful celebration that locals really turn out for (or the only one) The other “things” that happen around here for the holidays are very well publicized all over the state…and this one? It’s like old home week and we all wave and chat with people we haven’t seen in a long while…It’s my VERY favorite thing to do during the holiday season here…

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