Airstream lag

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Hovenweep in November

Hovenweep in November

Some people get jet lag while traveling.  I’ve got Airstream lag this morning.

Here it is 5:11 in the morning and I’m wide away.  A few days ago I was on eastern standard time, then I was in central time.  Now it’s mountain time.  And the clock says 5 something, but my sleep schedule says it’s 7 something.  Great…….

In a few days I’ll adjust.  Bedtime was at 9 last night, so I’ve gotten my 8 hours.  Normally though I sleep until a little after 6.  So I have that hour of adjustment to do.

So from Cortez I say good morning to all of you who are awake!  Happy Labor Day weekend!  Get out and enjoy summer’s last hoorah and do something fun.  Today we’ll be setting off to Hovenweep National Monument to enjoy a walk around the ruins and see if we can’t find a few more unique images.

Airstream trip Colorado

My first collared lizard. Canyon of the ancients in Colorado. May of 06′


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