Airstream Living – The mechanical trials of full timing

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Wow, this site is turning back into an Airstream blog of sorts!  Fitting though since most posts are still written in an Airstream

For full disclosure purposes you should know I’m blogging from the gallery today.  Busy morning, slow afternoon!

Now, I’ve been full-time for just about 3 years.  25′ x 8′ space, small appliances, lots of road time in the beginning.  Stuff is bound to go wrong…..right?

Yes.  But in a surprisingly limited fashion.

So what’s gone kerflooie?

Off the bat, my first quick trip before wandering the country I had a flat.  See, my dad pointed out prior to a quick trip to VA that I had no spare tire.  No spare came with the Airstream at the time, and the upgrade kit was ridiculously expensive.  It was a brand new trailer with under 3000 miles on it when I headed off, and I figured the tires were just fine and dandy.

When someone points out something to you be assured, it will be the first thing to fail.  Not even 8 hours after my father pointed out the lack of spare I found myself, along with my friend Tom, at a rest area with a blown out tire on the Airstream.  Remember, if someone points it out, that’s what will fail first.

After the tire incident and the subsequent purchase of a spare very little happened in 2006.  Loose screws here and there, a bad door latch on a closet, all minor stuff!  Very simple, very easy repairs.

Since 06′ I’ve had few issues as well.  A blown switch on my heater, road vibration affected my oven’s burner, and a plastic screw in the hot water heater gave up the ghost in Borrego.  That’s about it.  Easier stuff than the stuff that goes wrong in a “real” house.

I’m sure larger horror stories exist, but with me it’s been pretty simple, and easily remedied issues…….  Now I’m knocking on wood!  🙂

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  1. I’ve been happy with ours. We have a few small things, but not too many that hubby can’t handle. When you consider that an RV is a moving home, some minor stuff is bound to happen.

    It always pays to be prepared

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