Airstream meet Appalachian Trail

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Tonight the Airstream is literally parked right next to the Appalachian Trail.  We’re in Damascus, and the little campground we’re at is right off the AT.  Oh, well the road through downtown Damascus is the AT, so there you go!

The last time I stopped in Damascus was in the Spring of 2006.  I had just left New England on the “big trip,” wandering in the Airstream.  And one of my first stops was the town of Damascus.  When I had hiked the AT I became very fond of Damascus, and often thought that someday I might want to move there.

Our zipdee chairs beside the Airstream with the creek right behind...

Our zipdee chairs beside the Airstream with the creek right behind…

As long term readers know, a short time later I fell head over heels for the West, and that’s still the case today.  It’s great to see a favorite old place.  A cute little town full of hikers, cyclists, and some very unique residents.  It would be a nice place to live……if it weren’t for that humidity thing.

Man, the dry climate really has spoiled me.  I just can’t get past all the moisture in the air.

Damascus hasn’t changed much.  All the cute houses are still here.  There are now 7 bicycle shuttle companies in town (that’s crazy), and many B&B’s, hostels, and places to stay.  And the campground we’re at, Creek Side RV Park (aka is right in town.  Literally off of the main strip that runs through downtown Damascus.

Russell, the owner, met us as we pulled in from the wrong way.  I didn’t realize I needed to go around the block and come in from the opposite direction.  He was super helpful, and helped us get the Airstream tucked right into its spot.  Behind the Airstream is the creek that runs through town.  And we were lucky to get a spot.  In total there are 7 sites with full hookups & cable.  Two sites were open, and tomorrow someone else is coming in to fill the last.  If it sounds like a place you’d like to stay, be sure to call ahead to see if he has an open spot!

 What’s up in Damascus?

This is “Trail Town USA.”  The Appalachian Trail cuts right through the center of town.  The Virginia Creeper Trail (a cycling trail) comes right through as well.  And the Trans America Bike Route also comes right through town.  It’s a pretty location surrounded by small mountains, brooks, rivers, and trails.  It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream location.

The town itself isn’t very large.  A small main street brings you a few blocks through the center of town.  An outfitter shop and multiple cycle tour businesses can be found in town as well.  A few closed shop windows were seen in town today.  And the place seems to feel just like it did in 2001.  A cute trail town in southern Virginia.

Well, that’s about it for this evening.  7 p.m. here, and feeling a little run down from the day’s travel.  Until tomorrow…..

  • Date:  8/7/14
  • Camped at:  Indian Ridge Campground
  • Fee:  $30 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $284
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $40.57
  • Mileage:  247
Enjoying the creek side spot

Enjoying the creek side spot

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