Airstreaming is available on Kindle!

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Last night I received an e-mail from Tom Schabarum regarding his new book “Airstreaming.”  It’s out, available, and on Kindle.  I’ve just downloaded my copy and I’ll start reading it tonight.  Here’s what Tom had to say…..

Hi All,

I will be launching my new novel, Airstreaming, this Sunday on Book Reads at 3pm PST on Blog Talk Radio. Set in Kansas, featuring 4 strong characters and a beautiful Airstream, this book was a labor of love and just received its first two 5 star reviews on from total strangers. I hope all you Airstream aficionados will give it a read and tune in on Sunday.

Follow this link for the show and more information:

If you can promote it among your fellow Airstreamers, that would sure help the book’s cause.

All best,

Tom Schabarum

The Kindle version is a whopping $3.99.  At that price why not give Tom’s book a whirl?

I’ll be posting an update after I give the book a read and tell you what I think.

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  1. Bud bought me a Kindle Fire for Valentine’s Day. Airstreaming is the first book I downloaded! Can’t wait to read it. Love the cover! Congrats!

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