Allergies and the Airstream

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Coming up from Organ Pipe the other day I was feeling wonderful and physically fit!  This morning I feel like I’ve been on a drinking bender for the last month, and no stopping any time soon.  What changed?


So I have not been on a bender.  I do not have a cold.  It is already allergy season and my head is swimming, my nose is running, and my throat is on FIRE.

I hadn’t thought about what pollen is doing its thing, and where it is in a while.  But Jodi pointed out to me that one of our friends just went in for shots because their allergies are so bad.  And once I heard that I knew why I’ve been feeling “Wonky”.

The junipers are doing their thing now here in Prescott Arizona.  And they’re doing it in a big way.  This morning I popped by to see what’s going on, and what I found wasn’t super exciting.

Allergies and the Airstream

Oh yeah, the pollen count!

Fortunately, the Airstream can help me deal with the nasty pollen count.  Sometimes smaller is better, and this is one of those times.

One of the key pieces of gear that has been with the Airstream since I first hit the road in 2006 is a HEPA filter.  The pollen can be going nuts outside, but inside the Airstream (when I remember to turn it on) the HEPA filter gives me an allergy free environment.  Of course, I’ve got to remember to kick the filter on.

Returning from our southern trip the other day it was beautiful here.  I opened all the windows, ran the fans, and coated the inside of the Airstream with plenty of pollen.  Our second day back my throat was on fire, which probably had a lot to do with leaving the windows open.  Now that I’m aware pollen season has started early?

The Airstream is going fully sealed!

Today I’ll be working on research for our next client.  I’ll also be vacuuming the entire Airstream, putting the HEPA on high, and wiping everything down inside.  In a day or two I should be back to feeling perfectly normal.

So, a 200 sq ft space is easy to clean up and keep pollen free.  My old 2600 sq ft house was never as easy!  That’s a win for the Airstream!

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