An Argosy in the woods (it’s an Airstream)

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Today was a weird and wild day.  Super weird.  One of my strangest travel days ever.

Up at 6:30 this morning to prepare to roll out!  What could be heard after the alarm went off?  The pitter patter of rain.  Rain that wasn’t supposed to be happening this morning according to my Intellicast yesterday.  Of course, Intellicast updated itself this morning and said “Rain.”

I guess we can’t just shake our fists at the “weather man” any more.  Now we can shake our fists at our weather apps.  Maybe I’ll just shake my phone with the app on.

It was a chilly wet morning as everything got packed up and ready to go.  I was pretty well soaked by the time I climbed into the Titan to get on the road.  Bleh.  Soaking wet and surrounded by humid air.

Hitting the road things were pretty tame on the Mass Pike in the early a.m.  And that was good.  I was really hoping for light traffic.  Unfortunately my hopes got dashed as the morning progressed.

By the time we reached the NY state line traffic was “amazing.”  Not amazing good.  Amazing, as in, I can’t believe people are doing this on the road.  Even when driving the speed limit there’s just something that makes people want to pass you when you’re towing any type of RV behind you.  And when they pass (on the Mass Pike at least) they like to cut right in on you and make you brake!

I loved the guys pulling huge boats today who would pass me, cut me off, make me brake, and then go slower than the speed I was going.  It makes me feel super warm and welcome on the Pike.

After several hours of this behavior we pulled off at a rest area in New York, and I asked Jodi if she would mind stopping earlier today.  We had a planned spot for the afternoon, but I honestly couldn’t take another minute of the insane interstate behavior on the highways.  I felt the same way when we got here in June, but seriously it was wearing on my nerves.

I broke out my handy dandy IPhone, looked for the closest park and made the call.  And yup, they had a spot for an overnight!

So, tonight we are parked at the Indian Ridge Campground.  It made for a shorter day of driving, and that’s fine by me!  I don’t need to feel like I’m in some type of Mel Gibson Road Warrior deal when I travel.  I’ll leave it to the aggressive drivers of the region to take each other out with me safely parked somewhere.

Let's hope tomorrow has fewer aggressive drivers!

Let’s hope tomorrow has fewer aggressive drivers!

The park is pretty cute.  The owner was the person who welcomed us when we arrived.  And we were in line behind a fellow who just purchased a 1970’s Agrosy.  He’s going to use it as a seasonal spot for getaways.  I can’t remember his name, but will be visiting with him later, so I’ll update on that tomorrow.  Apparently he’ll be renovating it.  It needs some love and attention, but just imagine getting to layout your own interior for your Airstream!  That could be super fun!!!

Well, that’s that for today.  I’m winding down now and de-stressing from the strange behavior.  I’ve seriously never cut a day short before due to aggressive traffic.  There’s a first time for everything though!

  • Date:  8/3/14
  • Camped at:  Indian Ridge Campground
  • Fee:  $40 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $120
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $40
  • Mileage:  169  (I know, lame sauce)


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