An evening in the Dells

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Last night I took another walk out into the Dells.  This time though I wasn’t alone……

Josh, Ashley, and Melissa came along.  See, Josh has been working on a “fire dancer” project, and last night was his latest part of the project.  Okay, so the whole reason I went into the Dells was for the shoot Josh was doing…..  🙂

Days ago Josh asked about a location I’d taken him to previously in the Granite Dells.  It’s the top of the “Time Zone” wall.  A great spot to introduce folks to climbing.  Both sport routes and top roping are available there.  It’s also a very nice walk out, great views, and on top of the cliff a pretty private area for shooting.  Months ago I’d taken Josh and Ashley out there for another shoot, and they both liked the location.  Unfortunately, Josh doesn’t have the best sense of direction (he claims to be able to get lost with a GPS), so I played tour guide.

Hey, any reason to go out into the rocks is okay with me.

So, for the evening’s shoot Melissa came along.  She’s one of the folks who spin fire on hoola hoops.  Josh’s wife Ashely also spins fire on hoola hoops.  I do not spin fire on hoola hoops, and that’s okay.  We’ve all got our things…….

After making our way out into the rocks everybody set up for what they were doing.  Ashley & Melissa got the white gas ready, Josh messed around with his camera, and I broke out my tripod because we are having the fun monsoonal skies here.  You know, the ones I keep writing about….

Fortunately for me, the sky above Prescott gave me some fun things to image.  I really do love the clouds here, the sunsets, the rocks, and being in a beautiful place.  I’m lucky.  And fortunately, I came home with a few photos that I’m somewhat happy with.

After all the drama in the sky I too switched to a little fire photography.  Not like what Josh was doing though.  I went after the under-exposure to accentuate the drama in the sky.  I can’t wait to see Josh’s final products.  For those who wonder what I came away with, I offer a small little gallery once again.  Gotta tell you, the NextGen Gallery with the Smooth Gallery plugin works very well.


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  1. Nice way to spend an evening. I like the combination of the sky with Melissa – adds some depth to the photos.

    The Granite Dells = the gift that keeps giving.

  2. Very cool Rich… that last landscape with the puddle in the foreground came out really nice.

    Oh, and I say I can get lost in a card board box 😉

    I should have a new post up late tonight with a few shots… have to go to work pretty soon.

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