And now the adventure really begins

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In 2006 I passed through Santa Fe, NM before the summer really kicked in.  The town, and the surrounding landscape blew my mind.  I had never been to the desert southwest before.  But after arriving in Santa Fe I knew that I enjoyed the area.  So much in fact that I stayed in Santa Fe for over a week.

Yes, I also stayed to get some recall work done on the Titan….but I would have stayed without the recall as well!

Today we pulled back into Santa Fe, and I was bouncing off the ceiling in the truck.  Seriously!  Giant puffy clouds, hyper blue skies, insane landscape all around me, and a balmy 71 degrees with a nice breeze.  Oh, and one more thing……

No humidity!

Okay, this is #liveriveted

Okay, this is #liveriveted

After pulling the Airstream into its spot for the night I did something I haven’t done in many weeks.  I opened the windows and cranked on the Fantastic Fans.  There was no need for Air conditioning when we arrived!  Amazing and true.

Tonight the Airstream is parked at Ranchos de Santa Fe.  The same place I parked it all the way back in 2006.  The park is still really cute, and the staff is super friendly.  The roads are a little narrow and I watched the side view mirrors super close while I got myself into site number 8.  Glad to say, got in without a hitch….  heh, get it?  Hitch.  Ah well, I’m tired and not as funny as I think I am.

Oh yes, I love this scene!

Oh yes, I love this scene!

What comes next?

Tomorrow we’ll be driving a little further west.  Cortez once again.  That’s where we plan to start our travels to the 44 National Monuments of the Southwest if our project gets fully backed.  Even though it’s only at 7% today I’m confident we can get it backed and make something amazing.  I’ve been thinking about layout all day for the E-Book.

There will of course be a soft copy book as well, but I’m very focused on the E-Book as being the most valuable product of the project.  You can imbed videos, maps, images, and provide links in an E-Book.  Plus if you’ve already got a laptop, tablet, or giant smart phone why would you want a physical book taking space?

So with Cortez set as our starting point we wanted to get there before September 1st.  On the first there will be a major update on our project page, a new video detailing the concept a little more, and a push from some friends on Facebook!

Also, while we’re in Cortez we’ll be contacting a few more potential clients.  I have a short list of parks we could help, and a few B&B’s in the area as well.  After working with the Manchaug Pond Foundation and Hiker Hostel I’m beyond confident in our ability to help boost traffic and setup sites that our clients can manage on their own.  So we’ll see if we can help out a business or two before we start on our project!

Which way are you going?

Which way are you going?

It’s good to be “home”

For years Prescott was home.  And I’ll still stop in there from time to time.  Honestly though the moment we crossed into New Mexico I felt like I was home.  AZ, CO, NM, and UT all feel like home.  And it’s good to be back!

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