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Another gallery artist joins the blogging world: Gary and Bonnie’s site

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Gary's latest bronze work, a small flute. He brought 3 into the gallery the other day. They're bronze, very solid, and list for $180 each

I always like promoting other people’s site, products, etc., whenever I can.  We all know I’m a Breathing Color fan, an HP Z3100 fan, a Mac Junkie, a Canon user, Photomatix, Topaz……the list goes on.  And I pop links up whenever possible.  I also talk about other people I know who are doing cool things.

So, today I thought I’d bring you Bonnie & Gary’s new web site.  Several weeks ago we got talking with Sadira and the next thing you know Bonnie is off building blogs, hooking up with Facebook…..the works.

Regular readers here will remember Gary as one of the cool bronze artists here at the gallery.  He’s the guy who created the Pixie and the Puff (one of my favorites), the Sentry (another favorite) and the super cool warrior bronze.  Yeah, Gary has some of that talent stuff!

As all readers here know, I have NO room whatsoever at home.  Well, Gary is doing a new pixie piece and I’m getting one.  Finally a piece small enough to travel around with the Airstream.  It’s a bronze, and it’s a pixie.  Check it out.  Work in progress!

Bonnie is another talented artist as well.  From the looks of the website they’ll be displaying their latest works, and other updates.  Hopefully they’ll regularly update because it seems like they’ve always got something going on as well.

So, just another site with a little more inspiration for you!  Hope you enjoy, and be sure to say hi to Bonnie & Garry when you stop by their site!  Oh, and check out the information on the flutes.

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