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As most readers know, I’ve been doing more reading and learning this year.  Nothing new for me, I’m constantly learning.  But this year I’ve branched out a little further.  Not just Photoshop, HDR, Landscape…..  now we’re playing with portraits, event photography, composites, and more!

Added to this year’s personal curriculum?  Photovision.  I’d received an offer for them early on in the year and figured what the heck, why not try something totally different?  Happy to tell you, I’m not disappointed in the minor risk I took in subscribing to this year’s Photovision 2010!

So Photovision is very different from the normal training videos I watch.  Normally the DVDs and downloads I view get into Photoshop, Photomatix, Topaz, my camera, flashes, etc.  Technical explanations.  How to do that technical thing.  Photovision is very different from that if you ask me.

To date I’ve received DVD’s 79-81, and each one has been pretty unique.  Each DVD contains multiple segments with different photographers doing different things.  I’ve watched fashion photographers, baby photographers, family photographers, wedding photographers, and more.  One interesting thing?  These folks get into what goes on in their businesses.  For any photographer looking to do some kind of portrait work I think there are many useful tips in the Photovision series.  For a person like me, considering a studio space and expanding my market?  Well, the series has given me some interesting insights into this type of work.

If you do portrait work, studio work, or any other type of photography involving direct clients, you might want to check out Photovision.  Probably the most reasonable cost for a series of training DVDs I’ve ever gotten.  And if you’re interested, don’t forget to use the following code:  PVFAN.  Photovision has provided that discount code to current subscribers to pass on to new subscribers.

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