Anti Tea Party Bots have the wrong site

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Regularly I check out my web stats. And every week I find a ton of hits on my “Fantasy Tea Party” post from a few years ago. Neat. I get a lot of visits there…….. Or so you’d think.

Several years ago I posted regarding folks who made disparaging comments about the Tea Party on my site. See my post was about a photo shoot for a FANTASY tea party. With tea and tea pots and cupcakes. Non-political.  However I was getting spammed big time with anti-tea party comments.

Now you’d think if someone was out there disliking a political movement and looking to comment on the movement they’d at least take the time to read an article before putting nasty stuff up in comments.  Back when I first started getting spam comments about my post I had this to say…..

Then this weekend while I was trekking around Cottonwood Canyon Rd my blog took in a ton of “comments” regarding the tea parties, how violent and angry the people were, how dumb the attendees are, etc, etc, etc.  Once again, the post they were commenting on is from months ago and about a fantasy mad hatter tea party.  The only folks who seem “dumb” to me right now are these fake commentators using spam bots to attack sites with the words “tea party” in them.  Seriously guys, you should refine your search algorithms.

I think that comment is still relevant today.  Guys, refine your search algorithms.  My site has some lovely photos from a fantasy tea party, nothing more.

For readers of this site I have some cautionary information.  When reading blogs, especially political, keep the comments that I’m getting in mind.  Many are not real posters, but instead spam bots from organizations opposed to whatever you’re reading.  They’re not real people, but instead a sophisticated search and comment mechanisms designed to make it look like more people are opposed to whatever the post is you’re reading.  If they were anything but that the comment spam I’m getting would go away immediately.  If anything there might be a few nice comments about the photos instead!

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