Arizona clouds can add so much drama

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In 2007 when I arrived in Presccott I noticed something that was odd.  From March through June I found that the sky here didn’t have much detail.  What do I mean?

Hyper blue skies, no clouds.

At first I was blown away.  After living in New England for so long I was used to many gray days.  Not here.  Instead, each day I woke up to find amazing hyper blue skies.  Clouds were rarely on the horizon.  It was pretty amazing.

Several months into the hyper blue skies I realized they were as annoying as continuously gray skies.  I started asking the question, “When does it rain here?”  I also got a big kick out of friends who got all excited about clouds.  Clouds, really?  They’re so common…….and after months and months without them, I understood my friends’ excitement.

Fast forward to now.  3 years later, like my friends here, I love the clouds too.  And fortunately they’re more common than I first thought.  Clearly we were in a drought when I first got here.  But now I know, Arizona clouds do exist beyond monsoon season.  And like monsoon season, the clouds can add so much drama to the scenery around you.  The sky here is pretty cool!

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