Ask and you might just receive – Clik Elite a solution for my wishes?

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The last posting here has already generated good information.  Sylvia, thanks for your comment!

Cliks packs have my attention

Clik's packs have my attention

Sylvia was kind enough to point out Clik Elite.    I like their company information, they sound very promising…..

Clik Elite culminates 25 years of experience designing and building packs for adventure racers, emergency medics, outdoor extremists, and photographers. We don’t make packs for boardroom meetings or in reaction to what that month’s trend happens to be. We solve problems we encounter as photographers, problems that our customers didn’t know they had. We know packs. We are photographers. We love what we do, and we know you will too.

Looking through their website I’ve developed an interest in several items.  I’d like to combine an SLR Chest pack with their medium nature pack.  Or take the same chest pack with the Adrenaline Harness.  I’m digging the chest pack concept, and combining it with a heavier carrying system on my back sounds good.

Of course, application of a good idea is a totally different thing.  I’m wondering how comfortable the chest pack is, and how I’d feel hiking a while with it.

Bottom line, there is a pack manufacturer out there working to answer my complaint in the prior post.  Hydration systems, camera storage, and packing room on the packs.  They might just be working toward the answer I’m looking for.

So, think I should drop Clik Elite a line and ask about trying a pack or two out for review?  I’ve got the perfect test location too…….The Yellow Rock / Coyote Buttes / White Pocket trip coming up in September.  Lots of hiking, lots of photography, in a warm dry area where I’ll want plenty of water……Plus I’ll be doing a series of podcasts regarding that trip.  It would be fun to include some additional gear reviews with the trip, right?

By the way, the trip is the reason I blogged about wanting a better adventure photo pack.  I’m thinking about water, hiking distances, gear I want to carry, lenses I want to carry, etc.  I’m starting to think I’ll use my Osprey, some lens cases, and carry my Crumpler bag as a sling.  The whole point is maximizing water available for staying out in the sun for many hours on end.  Now, seeing Clik’s packs I’m curious if they could be the solution I’ve been looking for……..

Well, thought I’d post this follow up since I’ve spent a good hour reading Clik’s site.  There is hope for the adventure photographer, somebody recognized the need!  Good job Clik Elite.  If you guys want an unbiased review of your packs on my upcoming trip, let me know!  🙂

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