Away but not forgotten

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Yes, I’ve been away from the blog for weeks.  But I haven’t forgotten about it.  Just travel, settling in, getting used to a new area, and adjusting to a new job.

Given the nature of my new job I won’t be posting stuff about work to be sure.  Proprietary and confidential.  Like the old days of my switch engineering.  Lot’s of paperwork about not talking about what I know.  Ah fun!

So where is the blog going now?  Couldn’t tell you, but I think I’ll start updating regularly again once I’ve adjusted to the job and my new digs.  Fortunately the Airstream is with me and I’m full time in it again.  So this still is the Airstream Chronicles isn’t it?  Blogging from an Airstream.  There’s that.

On the old business

It’s funny, while traveling cross country I received 2 calls in the period of 4 days to book weddings.  I’m not kidding.  It got me to thinking though about where the photography is going to go now.

I’m going to keep shooting.  That’s not something you stop doing especially when you enjoy it.  And given the right circumstances I may do a few weddings in 2013.  It would mean time away from the new job, so the pricing would have to compensate for time and travel.  Hey, if you look at really good wedding photographer’s charges you know it can be done.  If folks want fly by night pricing they can move on in their search.

Since my job here is 6 days a week, Sundays will be the days I pop the camera on my shoulder (after doing laundry) and I’ll get some shooting in.  That’s the plan.  There’s a lot to explore in KY, WV, & OH.  As I’ve been seeing the area I’ve been inspired by the landscape and architecture.  So some fun photos should be forthcoming.

Maybe someday I’ll re-open a full time studio, but not in the near future.  Photography can be a “real job”, but in the current environment competing with $50 a session photographers, clients who think print pricing for archival prints should be equivalent to Kinkos, and the fact that doing this bankrupted me in under 4 years, it’ll take some time and planning.  I’ve been hearing from many clients that they’re shocked I’ve closed, and the funny part is they’re the ones who kept arguing price even when acknowledging the quality.  So yeah, no new studio in the foreseeable future.

The blog isn’t over

So, you’ll see new posts popping up from time to time.  But I have to figure out work schedule, some down time, etc, and we’ll see how often I find the time.  It’s going to be different than it was, but isn’t that the case with everything in life?  Change is one thing you can count on.

Well, off to another day of learning new stuff.

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