Blue Highways make for happier Airstreaming

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Yesterday I chatted with our client in Georgia.  I let them know we were running behind since I opted to not drive for a day and let my body catch up.  It was a good call.

And today I decided that I enjoy the Blue Highways way more than the major interstates whenever possible, so we followed Route 209 for hours today.  Currently camping at Jim Thorpe Resort Campground in Pennsylvania.

What makes a campground a resort anyhow?  I’ve been to some that have super cool community centers, activities, lots of golf carts (I think golf carts are required to really be a resort), pools, hot tubs, and super steep prices.  The first thing my mind flips to when I hear “Resort” is Fantasy Island.  Tattoo getting your luggage off the plane.  Massages, day spa stuff…..and golf carts.

Part of today’s route ran through the Delaware Water Gap.  I figured since we were in the area we should drive on through and see what we see.  It’s a scenic ride, 55mph speed limit, pull offs now and again, and many signs for hiking trails.  Not too many views of the water from the road, but definitely what I would call a scenic route through the park.  It made for a pleasant morning drive.

We continued along 209 in PA for a while longer.  Spent about 10 minutes on I-80, and then back to 209.  Given the fact that there was a traffic jam on 80 I think the whole Blue Highway thing is a good idea.  Sure, we don’t grind the miles out, but it’s more of a stress free ride.

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Earning some Karma

Along the way today we pulled into a gas station to figure out where we’d stop for the day.  AllStays & the Ultimate Campground Guide were pulled up and we did our bit of research.  Just as we were about to leave the gas station a young guy yelled across the lot, “Hey, can you give us a jump?”  The car he was riding in was not starting.

Now the way I pack the back of the truck is something akin to Tetris.  It’s really neat back there, and I’ve had many campers comment on how I arrange things.  Back in Massachusetts a guy visiting my neighbor mentioned how well organized my truck bed was.  He was so impressed as to have a discussion with the neighbor he was visiting about my truck’s organization.  The neighbor told me later that his friend was going to rethink how he packs his truck.  Nice.  Every time I look in the back I wish I had more room……

Well, with these kids needing a jump start a lump started in my throat.  The jumper cables were at the base of my Tetris setup.  Boxes 1 & 2 would need to move.  That meant the generator needed to slide forward.  And that meant move the gas can and LP tank as well……..ah, the price of organization.

Once I finished with reverse Tetris we had the kids (they’re younger than me….kids) off and running.  And I let the back of the truck spend a little time in disarray.  It’s already fixed up now that we’re camped.  Hopefully somewhere in the universe we got a +1 for helping out some folks who were stranded.

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Spending too much

This trip seems a little expensive.  When on the East Coast I find that camping costs more.  Tonight’s “Resort” is $52.  I need to start planning for more state parks, BLM, etc.  But honestly, BLM out here is a pipe dream.

More and more parks tag the word resort into their names now.  I’m seeing it a lot.  Now what are you getting with these places?

  • Fast wi-fi throughout the park?  Wi-fi throughout the park?  Any Wi-fi.  Tonight I’m not seeing fast Wi-Fi.  But there is a hotspot showing up.  In my case, I’m operating off of the IPhone.  I think if places are going to say “Resort” then speedy Wi-Fi should be part of the park.
  • Pools.  I think pools make a resort.
  • Hot Tubs.  They’re a must too in my imaginings.
  • Someone yelling “The plane the plane……”
  • People on golf carts delivering me drinks…..

I’m being tongue and cheek here.  Basically when I hit places with higher prices and silly labels I do expect a little more.  Unfortunately, many of the places are average, and for the price I really do expect a little more.  So we’ll be cutting the camping expenses shortly (once we arrive at our clients’ place).

  • Date:  8/5/14
  • Camped at:  Indian Ridge Campground
  • Fee:  $52 per night
  • Month total Camping:  $212
  • Average Nightly Cost:  $42.40
  • Mileage:  Forgot to reset the odometer


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