Blurb saved something important

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After landing in Prescott in 07′ my blogging changed.  Everybody knows it.  We went from a travel blog documenting a guy getting his life together after a few disasters to an idle sitting blog where the rest of the story continued.

It really wasn’t all the idle.  There was rock climbing, exploring, meeting new people, a random jaunt to Colorado for a contract, etc.  We won’t speak of the Nebraska leg of that last big journey…..we just won’t.

As most readers know, Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles got trashed by some nasty minded hackers, and they did a number.  48 podcasts toasted, years of blogging down the toilet.  And yes, I did back up the database, but that didn’t include all the photos on the site.  Well, let me re-phrase.  I’ve got the photos.  Just not formatted for the blog.  Rebuilding the old site is proving to be a long task.

It’s just not on my tip top priority list.  I was the top Google search on Airstream blogs for years.  But no more.  That’s ok.  I’ve got a few other things to do.  Still, I live in an Airstream full time and blog from an Airstream……

While reading around the web today I came across a post regarding making your own photo book.  It reminded me of a program I tried after my arrival in Prescott.  Blurb.  You can make a book from your blog.  I checked my drive and sure enough…..Blurb was on the Mac.  And it had a total copy of my old blog from the start of the travels in 06′.

So, in addition to my database backup I’ve got a “hard copy” with my images originally sized for the blog.  Blurb rocks!  Maybe I’ll make a photo book with them down the road just to kick them a few dollars as a thank you for saving years of my rambling!  🙂

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