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I don’t have much to add today about my current vacation trip. So far it’s been a fun trip but we’ve experienced a lot of rain. And thanks to all of the rain I haven’t been out taking many photographs.

Yesterday I had wanted to sit down and create a longer blog post but after reading in the morning about the tragedy in Prescott Arizona I didn’t know what to really write about. Prescott is still definitely my hometown and it’s a place I miss. After moving back to the East Coast for the contract I found myself still missing Prescott. So I regularly read about the news and what’s been happening in Arizona. Reading yesterday about the loss of the 19 firefighters was very sad.

So after reading about the tragedy in Arizona yesterday I decided it was better to just leave a vacation post off for the time being. I can always write more about the trip later.

I followed along with the news from Prescott Arizona on Facebook yesterday, and I know the community is pulling together. I’m glad to see my old hometown will be helping to support the families of the lost firefighters.

Look for new blog posts in the near future, and I’m sorry for the short posts of the past few days.

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  1. Brief… yet very poignant posts.

    When I heard about the tragedy of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots, and that they were from Prescott, I immediately thought of you and the images that you shared with us of your hometown.

    Thank you for the print you gave to us years ago showing the lamp post displaying the banner, “Prescott – Everybody’s Hometown”, which is also seen in your “Images of Prescott Arizona” portfolio:

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