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Building the ultimate Airstream Studio

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For years now I’ve pondered the idea of what to do about workspace in my Airstream.  I’ve been a full time Airstreamer since 2006.  8 years of pondering the interior of my portable home.  Well, it’s not just home, it’s also my office space as well.  And I’ve got to say, the benches in an 2004 25ft Six Sleeper are not the most comfortable work chairs available.

Thinking harder about it

Yesterday I saw a quick Tweet from Airstreams2Go about an upcoming event with Airstream designers.  Cool.  They’ll be talking about Airstream design.  Wish I could attend that one.  Just curious to see what’s on the agenda for the future.  And I’d love to make a custom request!

My current Airstream floor plan is pretty simple.

What I have today.

What I have today.

Couch, dinette, kitchen area, bedroom and bathroom at the back.  Simple indeed.  What I’d like to do here is pretty simple.  Remove the dinette completely.  Where the benches are now would become a wrap around table.  Don Rantz and I already measured it out and we’ve got the table design done.  We were going to do it the last time I was in Prescott, but Don was getting ready for the Phippen Art Show, so we didn’t have the time.

What I’d really like

If money weren’t an issue I’m thinking the 27ft Front Bedroom or a 30ft Bunk setup.  Colonial Airstream of New Jersey has a 2005 30 foot in stock right now.  I was just hunting around the web you know…dreaming.  $37K doesn’t sound too bad……

The 30 foot Safari with the bunk bed in back would be a no brainer.  Remove the bunk bed in the back completely.  Pop a wrap around table in that back area large enough for a monitor, keyboard, and a Mac Pro (dreaming again).

What I’d really like to do though is take a 27 Front Bedroom.  Take the dinette and couch area completely out.  Wrap a desk around the whole dinette and couch area.  Talk about work space!  And with the wrap around windows on the 27 you’d have a great view when you’re day dreaming or taking a break.  Of course, do a solar installation for all of the time we spend in the desert.  4 batteries I’m thinking.  An inverter to power the computer equipment from the batteries would be a nice touch.  A 27 inch Lacie Monitor that I can calibrate for accurate color, and maybe even a nice Canon printer (not my 44 inch one, too big).

Oh, and the Mac Pro would be there too.

Ah… dreaming!

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