Business is hopping here at the gallery!

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While my Epson Perfection V700 is grinding away scanning a few images I thought I’d post a little something on the blog.

Business has been jumping the past two weeks.  Actually, it’s blown me away and worn me out.  🙂  Not complaining.  As everyone is saying, “In this economy…..blah, blah, blah.”  Well, in this economy I’m grateful to have a growing pool of clients, and I’m glad to provide them a valuable service!

Yesterday I came in even though the gallery is closed on Mondays.  The objective?  Printing….and lots of it!  In total I printed 16 canvases for 16 gallery wraps.  That’s a ton of canvas in a day, believe me.  Especially when 2 of the pieces were 32″ x 48″.  Then there were several 20″x30″s, a bunch of 16″x20″s…….well, you get the idea.  After all the printing was done I veneered every single image but one…..the second 32×48 was veneered this morning and is currently drying as I type.

I’ve prepped every set of stretcher bars I could, and I’m waiting for FedEx to arrive with the custom sized bars I needed (some 17’s and 22’s).

Those bars shipping in are for David Riley’s upcoming show on the 22nd (this Friday).  Hope to see you here!  David has some amazing new original paintings that prove to me he is a consistent and amazing painter!  Enjoyed his work before, but this new round steps it up in my opinion.

Sorry to say, I can’t give a sneak peak here on the blog of David’s new work.  You’ll have to stop by the gallery for the Artwalk if you’ve gotta see them soon.  Otherwise be a little patient and I’ll post some next week.

Looks like the scanner is almost done.  A few prints for a Prescott couple who wanted their images upsampled and reprinted.  Nothing like scanning at a super high DPI to start the day off!

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