Come on, this type of advertising can’t work

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The other day my good friend Josh sent me a text to let me know that my website had been violated again.  It happened last year around this time, and go figure it happened again this week.

Some code monkey out there hacked my site to advertise medications.  Medications that are not necessary.  You know the kind guys.  For the bedroom……eh hmmmm… you know.

I’m not going to mention the name of the medication it is, used by males, starts with a V and reminds you of Niagra Falls.  I’m not saying the name because I’m not advertising it for these jokers.  But I think you get what it is.

Now, I get spam e-mail all the time.  And here and there my website gets hacked to advertise this stuff.  And often times I have to sort out fake comments in the blog, as they’re actually advertisements for this particular medication.  And it all gets really annoying.  But it leads me to a question……


Do you buy your “love pills” from hacked websites and questionable e-mails?  I think the answer is yes, otherwise these spammers and hackers would quit, right?  So, are the men reading here right now waiting for the next hack of my website to make their purchases?  Should I get into the business of advertising this stuff (hackers seem to think I need to).

P.S.  I spent several hours clearing my server and site out the other day.  I have run it through several certification websites including McAfee SiteAdvisor and we’re looking good.  You won’t get violated by any malicious software or any malicious medication. 

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