Day One is in the books

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Fall colors this far south? Wow, winter is almost here.

Landing in my spot tonight I had a whole post written in my head.  And then I went to do laundry and my post went out the window.  See, I met a nice RV couple a few spots down from me, we got talking, and the post went right out the window.

That’s part of the fun of RV travel.  Meeting new people, sharing stories, being social and outdoors.

As we got talking and sharing stories they asked me how I landed in Prescott oh so many years ago.  And I told them it all started with getting sick after a root canal……  And Chris (the wife) lit up, and couldn’t believe it.  Her husband had gone through the same thing in 2004.  He went from being an active runner and college professor in mathematics to completely falling apart weeks after his root canal.

In their case it took months to get things resolved.  Like me, no doctor believed the issues started right after the root canal.  They got dismissed.  But fortunately Chris bull dogged the physicians and kept redirecting them to the starting point of all of her husband’s issues.  In my case I didn’t have anyone like that who could cite the changes in me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  And me being a shaking wreck at the doctor’s offices didn’t help.  But I was a wreck because I was sick.  Ah well, it’s all okay now.

What’s so interesting about their story is that we randomly met while traveling the country.  They’re off to Florida to be snow birds for the winter.  I’m heading back out west to start a new chapter in my own business growth (and it will grow).  And we got to talking after a friendly wave an hello between temporary neighbors.

How about that?  Personally I think it’s pretty cool.  And I always enjoy meeting new people in my travels.  🙂

So, what I thought I was going to post?  Yeah, driving….out of WV…..traffic…..wind…..tractor trailers… books.  Then I meet a very cool couple, find a common story, and we’re off and talking for hours.  Yeah.  Travel.  🙂

Now, as far as covering just the drive?  I’ll post a  little video cover it soon.  I’m still learning FinalCut Pro X, so be patient with me.


Update:  Video Below  🙂


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