Does Rich still take pictures?

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The short answer is yes…..but not as often as I would like…….


No off camera lighting or posing here. Just a cow watching me closely.

Running all over WV and Southern OH doesn’t actually afford as many photo opportunities as I’d like.  Honestly, I’d like to be shooting more, but work comes first.  And on the occasional days off I’m pretty burned out on driving around to find scenes that jump out at me.  But I have wandered around Marietta, OH here and there and come away with a few shots.


Downtown Marietta has some great buildings. Half are empty and for sale or lease. Amazing studio spots, but I doubt there’s any business currently.


Reminding me of New England….that means gray skies often….. Ah, I miss the hyper blue of Arizona!


My favorite shot since arriving here. Shot with the 5D, my wide angle lens pressed up against the glass of a closed restaurant. The reflection behind me came right through even though I was literally pressed against the glass. Shame the restaurant was permanently closed, it looked pretty cool.

I will try to start remembering the camera more often.  But like I said, work first.

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