Enjoying the fall color

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So today the Airstream went absolutely nowhere.  That’s a bonus.  If there’s a place you enjoy and want to extend your time for a longer look around….  Yeah, that’s possible.

Today J gave me a quick tour of the area.  A swinging bridge, an old grist mill, a few burned out barns.  All the stuff that would grab my attention.  Made for a fun day with a few images I liked.  In fact, I liked them well enough to post them here.


A swinging bridge. It was pretty bouncy going across.


Creekside in the early morning light.



Absolutely love backlit leaves!


The David Crockett State Park is full of trails for anyone. Great spot to visit to be sure.

Sorry to say, but it’s been a long day and I don’t have much to write about.  The clock reset combined with changing time zones really messed me up.  I was up at 6 am EST, which is now really 5 am EST, which made it 4 am CST…..which left me wondering all day what time it really is.  Currently it’s 8:23 pm CST, which means it’s 9 EST, which was 10 EST just the other day.  8:23 says to me it’s too early to go to bed, until I think about what time it was……  you get the idea.  Some kind of freaky time bubble to be sure.


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  1. Beautiful fall pictures, thanks for posting Isn’t it interesting that we all like barns that are falling down. I remember when I was in Indiana in the army, a friend (from Indiana) and I took a drive one Sunday. I wanted to take a picture of every old barn, until Steve asked “how come you take just pictures of barns falling down and none of a new barn just built?” I guess his feelings were hurt.

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