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With so many readers trolling the pages of the Airstream Chronicles again, I’m hoping you folks can help me out.  I’m hunting for good RV Parks with terrible websites.  That’s my target customer group, and I’m finding a fair amount of them, but I thought it would be great to hear from readers on parks they like.

Personally I have several parks that I really like that need some love on their web presence.  The first that pops to mind is Point of Rocks RV Park (where I’m staying right now).

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.37.43 AM

Remembering the beginning of HTML sites is easy when checking out this website.

The site is a little outdated.  Okay, it’s a lot outdated.  It is not mobilized, and reads horrible on an Android or IPhone.  It’s passable on tablets, but it still looks awful.  And there’s not much information contained in the pages.  It’s a bare bones web presence if I ever saw such a thing.

This has been a favorite park of mine for years.  You’ve seen the photography from the area, and the area is stunning.  Not flat and washed out like the main site image on their page.

Unfortunately, for the time being the owners here feel their web presence is more than adequate, so sadly this site will remain for a while to come.

Holbrooks Place

Another favorite park goes all the way back to my childhood.  Holbrooks Place in Sutton, MA.  It’s a cute little park right on Manchaug Pond.  It’s the place I went for Italian Ice every day as a child during the summer.  The owners are friends, and they’re extended family in my mind.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 8.44.00 AM

I’d really like to take this site further.  There are great image possibilities on the lake, and in the park.  It’s a scenic spot, but the site doesn’t really relay that.  As far as the mobilized site.  Unreadable in portrait on the IPhone, readable landscape.  For tablets it looks fine, but it’s just another site that has sat too long without change.

Find me your favorites

So, if like me you’ve got some favorite parks that need a web makeover, pass them along to me.  Better yet, give them my address to stop by here.  Oh and please, I need some warmer temperatures……  maybe a park or two in between Phoenix and Tucson???  😛

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  1. Hi Rich,
    Hope all is well with both you and Jody, the one that I would like to see have a good web site is in just outside Galveston TX in LaMarque TX, they have change the name yet again but it is just behind Ron Hoover RV and Marine sells the park is beautiful but they don’t advertise the managers name is Stacy Puilo tell her I recommended you.

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