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From the desert to the desert

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Last night I totally didn’t post a thing.  Ah, such is life…it happens.

Monday the Airstream made it over to Quartzsite, AZ.  I had been planning to talk with a well known figure in the RV industry about what I’m trying to do, and he was in Quartzsite for a few days.  Fortunately with the quick repair to the Titan I made it.

Quartzsite is a place I’m pretty familiar with.  Every winter it fills with “snow birds”, BLM camping and LTVA’s are everywhere.  Basically, you can pull into the surrounding desert and stay for a long time on the cheap.  It’s also the home of a huge gem and mineral show, and a massive swap meet.  Bottom line?  Like a carnival without the rides.  Oh, and it’s pretty darned dusty there.

Driving into Quartzsite is an experience this time of year.  HUGE Class A motorhomes everywhere.  Navigating a gas station there is an exercise in risk taking.  One wrong move and your little Airstream could get crushed between two diesel powered behemoths.


Not Quartzsite

Quartzsite was a one night stay.  Just not for me at present.  Maybe at some point when I find swap meets more fun than I do currently….  🙂

So, there’s the wrap.  Currently along the Colorado River still enjoying warmer temperatures then the East Coast is experiencing.  I like wearing shorts in January.

Tomorrow moving on to another campsite.  And yes, from Borrego’s Desert to Arizona’s Desert.  There are Saguaros here you know…..

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  1. So, you’re back out west again? Last I heard you went back east for an engineering position. What are you doing these days?

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