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From the Mississippi to Paris – Day 6 November 6

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This morning the Airstream crossed the Mississippi as its first order of business.  So….I am west of the Mississippi once again!  Great to be back!

Instead of heading to a major interstate to make good time I’ve decided to slow boat it.  Blue Highways the last few days.  There’s just not much to see on the major interstates.

Drive through large city with many lanes.  Exit city and the highway turns back into two lanes on each side.  Pass tractor trailers going uphill.  Get passed by tractor trailers going down hill.  Enter next city area with many lanes.  Rinse and repeat.

What I’ve been seeing using the “Blue Highways,” is something else.  Small towns, medium towns, small cities.  Boiled peanut stands, marshes, swamps, foliage.  A raised Crown Victoria with some smoking rims (looked like you could go off roading with it).  I’m getting it all.  And as I’ve said since the start of this new journey…..  I’m not on a schedule.

Each day I set a general destination.  It’s basically, “I’ll kind of head that way and see when I’m sick of driving.”  About 2 hours prior to the point where I’m sick of driving I’ll crack open my “Free Campgrounds” guidebook and see what’s ahead.  Today for instance I had no idea when I’d be tired, and cut it really short on finding a campsite.

Fortunately I found multiple sites near Paris, TX.  I’m currently at the West Lake Crockett camping site.  It’s in the Caddo National Grasslands.  A whopping $4 a night!!!


The location is a boondocking site.  No hookups, no power, no dumping station for the Airstream.  But that’s okay.  I’ve been boondocking in the Airstream before.  Nothing new or extraordinary here.  The water tank has some water, the gray and black tanks aren’t full, and the generator has been running for a bit just to conserve on the battery power for the night.  All is well.


Camped across from me are two local guys out hunting for the next few days.  It’s the season, and Orange is the color of the day!  They offered their fishing rods, their campfire site, campfire wood, and some good conversation.  Nothing new there, we’re all camping.  Man I’ve missed this lifestyle.


Well, there’s no network here tonight.  So the post will be delayed.  Great photos and video today.  A nice easy ride through a rainstorm for most of the day, and wouldn’t you know I went far enough west to find the sun again!

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