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Fry’s “New low prices”

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The alternate title to this was going to be, “How stupid do they think we are”? I decided to go with today’s title because it sounds nicer.

Now two months ago my fake ice cream was priced at $4.99. Pretty steep but worth it as a treat. Since I can’t have milk products I have to get a chocolate fix somehow.

Recently I noted a price change……


Now tell me something. How is the new low price lower. We went from $4.99 to $5.99 with a fake marked price of $7.19. Do they really think regular shoppers missed the price increase?

At the entrances and exits of Fry’s they have big signs on their new lower prices. Hmmmm. I wonder how many things have been massively marked up then cut only to still be higher than two months ago.

I have a feeling some marketing genius thought this would be a great way to disguise inflation. Maybe they learned from the FED. Who knows, maybe Greenspan advised them on how to hide inflation.

Any way you cut it, this is deceptive marketing. Id go into a deeper rant on inflation, but I’m blogging from the iPhone after shopping. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Some interesting stats.
    In June of 2008 you could have bought one share of the DOW for about 15oz of gold, today it would cost you about 8oz.
    A decent home costs around 150k…In 2008 to buy a house with silver you would have needed about 15,000oz. Today that same house could be bought with about 4,700oz of silver.
    What is a dollar worth in relation to silver? In 2008 when silver was $10 an oz. $1 represented 1/10th of an oz. of silver. Today $1 equals 1/31st of an oz. of silver.
    Doesn’t look like much of a recovery to me…

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