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Fun videos and tutorial videos – A lot has been going on

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New projects have been going on here at the Airstream Chronicles, and you might not know about them.  So time to update people visiting the blog!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been on a video push.  Many readers here probably don’t even know about my YouTube video channel.  So now you know.  But don’t hop over to the channel just yet.  I’ve got a few videos included here for your viewing pleasure.  The channel covers both tutorials about the work I do from the Airstream, and some new fun videos I’ve been doing for a new project with my friend Greg Reverdiau.  Greg has been building a new business here in Prescott that outdoor enthusiasts might be very interested in.  Arizona High Altitude Training.  Check his site out if you’re interested in trail running, hiking, or mountain biking with guidance in the Prescott area.

First, the fun videos

So over the past few weeks I’ve been putting together some new simple videos to share with the world.  The videos cover some of the interesting locations for recreation in the Prescott area.  Currently I’ve put togehter a few fun videos around Watson and Willow Lakes, and the Granite Dells.  As I move forward with this project I’ll be adding videos from Granite Basin, Thumb Butte, Lynx Lake, Goldwater Lake, and locations in town as well.  Basically I’m working on sharing some of the amazing recreation options that Prescott has to offer.

So, what’s been published already?  Well, check out the YouTube links below.

Willow Lake

Watson Lake

A Weekend in The Granite Dells

There are more “fun” things to watch on the channel as well, but the 3 above cover my favorite location in Prescott, The Granite Dells.  And more videos will be coming soon.  It takes longer to put together these videos than a simple blog post.  Shooting can span across days, and editing takes hours usually.  But hopefully when complete we’ll have a nice collection of information for people looking to enjoy Prescott’s outdoor recreational opportunities!

Next, the Tutorials

Several weeks ago I posted about my new Patreon Channel.  Since that posting I have added 2 Tutorial series to Patreon.  One series covers using WordPress and X Theme to develop websites for our clients.  It covers the basics of building a site with the look and feel you want it to.  Over 130 minutes of content for that tutorial series.  If you’re looking to build your own website, and don’t know where to start, this series might help you out!

The second series was produced several years ago for our Living In Tin project.  While the subscription based E-Zine concept failed for us, some really great information was produced, including the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorial Series.  That series has now been added to my Patreon site.  I have to say, I re-watched the series, and even though there’s a newer version of Lightroom out there, the series covers everything you’d want to know about using Lightroom for you photographic workflow.  To see the first lesson click here.  It covers the basics of setting up your Lightroom install properly, and leads into editing, image management, and external editing software!

Patreon allows content creators to charge for their content.  In the case of my account?  I will be putting up regular tutorials on web development, photography, and other tutorials as viewers make requests.  For people interested in subscribing, the minimum monthly pledge will get you access to all of our tutorials that go up on the site.

Stay up to date with my social media

I will be making an effort to post here at the Airstream Chronicles more often.  But if you want to know the latest and see what videos are coming out I’d suggest watching my social media closer.  The #1 way to see what up here?  My Instagram account.  That’s where I’m most active as it’s pretty easy.  Take a picture, say something about it, and move on.  So if you’re on Instagram be sure to give me a follow, and I’ll probably follow you back.

The next way to keep up with what’s happening away from the blog?  My Youtube channel.  You’ll see the latest project videos, short tutorials, and you’ll get an idea of what might be popping up for new tutorials.

Those are the two best ways to keep up with what’s happening at the Airstream Chronicles these days.  Like I said, I’ll work on posting here more often, but there’s only so much time in the day.  Following on Instagram or YouTube will keep you up to date with all that’s happening.  )


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