Glenn says, “Clean up your Lightroom Library now!”

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If you don’t clean up your Lightroom Library your car is gonna break down.  That’s what Glenn says.  You should listen to Glenn.  Dust off your library and clean it up.  Sort those photos, clean up the bad ones, and find ones that you hadn’t played with recently.  Don’t make Glenn mad.

Realizing that I had some advertising work to do tonight I started sorting through my library.  And among the 1000+ photos already shot this year was Glenn’s picture.  He works over at Car Care by Bob.  And yup, he works on the Titan for me.

Once I started sorting and selecting it struck me.  I haven’t been so good about clearing out the cobwebs on some of my photos.  Time to clean up a little, free up drive space, etc.  Kind of like getting your car serviced regularly…….  Glenn scolds people who don’t maintain their car.

So, I set about cleaning.  And while cleaning processed a few more photos that I had “forgotten.”  I’ve included a few.


Now, go do a little maintenance of your own.  Otherwise you’ll hear from Glenn…….

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  1. I finally imported everything to LR and have deleted about 60GB of garbage. I still need to finish tagging and will probably get rid of another 10GB or so before I finish.
    Do you do multiple catalogues? I only have one right now and it has around 10,000 images in it. I’m thinking about renaming it AZ and starting a new one for Cali.

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