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Good bye cruel world….errr, business……errr…..

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Okay, it’s not a good bye to the world or my business.  But it is a full week’s vacation starting tomorrow.

Normally when I take off for a few days I go somewhere the phone doesn’t work.  Not this week.  I’ll be in civilized areas for the most part and will still have net access and the phone.  But I won’t be answering business calls.  At some point you’ve got to give yourself a real break.  And I need one like you wouldn’t believe!

The blog may or may not get updated.  That’ll depend on what I’m up to.  With the IPhone I could make quick little posts from the road.  And most likely I will do that.  You know, just so folks can see where I’ve been.

Incredibly enough, I’m not off to the Vermillion Cliffs this time.  Instead I’m going to a state that I haven’t been in since 2007.  Road trip!

So, watch for updates.  And before I leave I thought I’d leave you with a parting image……..

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