Good morning from Manchaug Pond

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Flowers near the lake

Flowers near the lake

The last few days have been something of a push.  Traffic here, construction there, crazed tractor trailer drivers……slowed the trip down a bit.  But that’s okay.  We’ve made it!

Yesterday the last leg of the trip came to a close.  From PA to MA.  It went pretty smooth, although the winds on the highway were a bit much.  It’s always a strange feeling to have the truck moved around in the wind, stranger when the Airstream is being moved too!

Returning to New England I noticed 3 things.

  1. It’s cold.
  2. It’s super green.
  3. Massachusetts drivers are still barking mad.

To imagine I spent years and years driving anywhere from 100 miles a day to 175 miles a day on my commute with people who would love nothing better then to run you off the road……I’m amazed I’m still alive.  But somehow I made it through each day.  And that’s a good thing.

Fortunately I won’t be driving around much over the next month.  Instead I’ll be shooting, making short videos, and working on a massive website.  This will be our most complex one to day.  Sales area, donations area, educational area complete with tests, galleries, and a ton of data.  It will be a fun challenge, and we’ll make something really slick!


The Airstream is parked next to the lake, all safe and sound. Now if only I had my Kayak……


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