Goodbye east coast allergens

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Yesterday pulling into Paris I noticed something.  I was feeling a lot better than I have in weeks.  Actually I feel better today over yesterday.  And I’m realizing, I still have some outdoor allergens that kick my butt when I’m on the Eastern Seaboard.

Who knew?

Years ago when I relocated to the west I had some weird allergy stuff going on.  But most of that resolved when an underlying infection in my jaw was finally addressed (thank you Doctor Brimhall).  And since then I’ve just been trucking along.  Last year while contracting in West Virginia I didn’t feel so hot during the Spring and Summer, but I attributed that to a very toxic environment in the work place.  Looking back I’m now realizing that while the office was extremely stressful that wasn’t the only issue going on.  The allergies were working their magic too.

Getting up this morning in drier air without all the trees surrounding me I thought to myself, “I feel fantastic!”  And I really do.  I had the same reaction back in 2006 after arriving in New Mexico.

So while it was nice to be on the East Coast working with clients, I am very happy to be west of the Mississippi once again.  Soon we’ll see lower humidity, fewer big trees, and I think fewer allergens that adversely affect me.  Nice!

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