Happy New Year!

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A fond farewell to 2008!  And a big howdy to 2009!

This evening I wasn’t planning on blogging, but here I am, blogging one more time.  I thought it would be a good idea to pop up a Happy New Year message to all my readers, and also to make a log for myself.

2008 was a year of major change for me.  The tie over job kept me in a place that I really enjoy.  I’m grateful to have had it, even though at times it became tedious.  Glad I kept my options open and continued to look for the next opportunity.

And for 2008 I’ve got to say the next opportunity kept popping up and saying hello!  My hobby, photography, got me some attention in the summer, and helped me make several contacts that just took things further.  My new friend and business partner Ian Russell was kind enough to display my photography over the summer.  Remember that?  If you’re new to the blog, probably not.  But that’s how it happened.  Over the course of following months so many positive changes came into being.

Seriously, can you believe that a few months later we launched the new gallery & print shop?  What a whirl wind!  What a lucky guy!

And here I am today, prepping to set off on a short adventure to see what I see once more.  I’ll have more such adventures in the coming months as they’re totally a part of the new business.  And just so you know, the business is growing, and it is already helping me to earn a living once again!

Honestly, the past year reminded me of something I always knew, but somehow stopped believing during the really bad years that passed not long ago.  You can in fact do anything that you set yourself to doing.  I suppose I forgot that or at least questioned it thanks to some bad influences during the middle of the decade.  I remember distinctly being told once by a person that I valued that you can’t just go and do something else.  Only certain people got to do the things I was interested in, and everyone else just kind of did whatever could pay the bills.  What a disappointing point of view.  Even more disappointing, I listened to that advice and didn’t just shrug it off.

Of course, I was sick and undiagnosed at the time.  Those types of negative messages really resonate when you’re already on your knees, believe me.

Fortunately 2008 not only proved her statement wrong, but it demonstrated that such thinking is exactly what keeps you down.  As my mother told me for so many years, you can do whatever you set your mind to, and you can be who you choose to be!

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2009 has in store!  And I’m grateful to all the people who helped make 08′ such a great year!  Thanks everyone, wouldn’t be the same without you!!!

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  1. Bravo! I was thinking back on our morning coffee talks and how time heals.Thank goodness. Sometimes we need a big push and the universe conspires in strange ways to show us the right path. I am so glad you found yours! Life is good!Happy New Year!

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