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Last week’s vacation wasn’t long enough.  Maybe a few more weeks off please?

The boss version of me tells the slacker version of me no.  Stop asking…….

Trips are always photo trips now.  There’s no leaving the camera behind.  So the boss version of me is a jerk as my road trip time is always mixed with working time.  The boss has no reason to call me a slacker, but he persists.  At some point I’ll just go on strike and stop talking to him.

While out and about I’m always searching for “that scene.”  That’s the one that pays for the trip, wins me praise from folks, and gets me that cool deal with Backpacker Magazine, or some such other magazine.  I’m always looking.

After a while you lose the enjoyment though.  It takes the fun out of the photography now and again, and that’s when I have to step back.  How about taking shots for fun and experimentation?  Remember when you used to do that?  I sure do.

So, this weekend I did exactly that.  Got in the Titan, headed to Sedona, and planned on hiking West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon again.  I haven’t been there in a while.  Too bad I picked a long weekend to do that!  The parking lot was FULL.  Ah well, there are always other options.  We drove toward town, found a “day parking” spot and proceeded to hike along the river’s edge.

The raspberry bushes were thick.  My legs are all cut up.  Plus there’s that horrifying spider bite I got last week.  I’m falling apart.  The boss version of me says stop whining…….And put some more Neosporin in the giant spider bite hole.

My day’s goal was simple.  Do some long exposure milky water shots for grins and giggles (fun).  And that’s exactly what I did.  And it was fun.  Below is one image that I really should have taken some time on.  Crossed the river and done it right.  That would have been the right thing to do.  But the water was cold and I didn’t feel like it.

Imagine if I’d crossed the river for this scene.  The big rock distracting you from the entire image wouldn’t be there.  The pool would have jumped out.  Slacker, clearly a slacker!

Next time I’ll get it right.  I’ll stop the experimenting and get serious.  The boss will be happier.  🙂



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