HDR Spotting, a great new website

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Need a dose of HDR inspiration?  If you do, check out HDRSpotting.com

Last week I was accepted to the HDR Spotting site, and man, that was big in my mind.  Trey Ratcliff, the HDR guy who inspired me to try HDR years ago, is behind the amazing website.  Go figure.  Fantastic concept Trey, and thanks for welcoming me to the community!

If you need to see some over the top, amazing, stunning, etc, HDR’s, check out the site.  So far I’ve gotten a few of my own there, and that’s been amazing too!  And if you’re into HDR, why not try getting on the site.  It’s currently invite only as it’s a new venture, but you can apply for an invite.

Hope you have fun looking at the super cool shots over there.  Don’t forget to stop by Trey’s site as well, it always has amazing HDR’s of exotic locations.

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