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Hectic Days Ahead! Can I Actually Meet My One Post Per Day For A Month Goal?

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Tuesday morning I sat down to work on a few canvases, image a few paintings, and get client work cleared off before noon.  While waiting for my first canvas to roll out I sat down to blog…….

Hours later I wrapped up the blog prematurely.  Random folks stopped into the studio, and extra painting client showed up, Ian and Geoff needed some files scanned….and the day got away from me.  And I am by no means complaining.  Busy is good.  Busy is very good.  After a few slow months I will take busy.

But it did strike me.  When will I have time to post relevant and interesting stuff?  What about that effort to post a picture a day (heh).  Yeah, that didn’t quite make it.  Ah well, business first, right?

What’s coming up in the next few days will be a mini marathon for me.  The weekend has a huge shoot, and then a ton of sorting and post processing.  Let’s not forget, somewhere in there laundry must be done too.  There’s a lot more printing to wrap up this week.  And next week starts off with an a.m. and p.m. shoot with a client.  That shoot has to be processed and ready for presentation on Tuesday.

So yeah, we’re looking at a few busy days.  And not every post will have images.  But I will try to maintain the post a day for a month.  Next month?  Back to weekends off, and random blog free days.  I sincerely believe that my content is better (more interesting, informative, etc) when I step away from posting now and again.  But since I committed to myself at the start of this month to try posting all the way through I’m going to give it the old college try.

Hopefully it’s not all boring this month here at the Chronicles!  🙂

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