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Hello allergens!

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This morning I am neither refreshed nor revived.  Instead, I feel like I’ve been run over by allergens.  It’s a pretty rough spring in Prescott for me this year.

  • Congestion.  Check.
  • Multi-colored mucus.  Check.
  • Stuff coming out of my eyes.  Check.
  • Impossible to sleep.  Check.

Yeah, I think I forgot to take my Zyrtec yesterday.  Add to that the fact I was outside most of the day with burning itchy eyes and you’ve got a formula for a lousy night’s sleep.  Bleh.

It is beautiful here this time of year.  Things are blooming, the trees are green, little bunnies are running around Point of Rocks chasing little Quail.  It’s a happy and beautiful scene.  Now if we could just take the pollen out of the equation I’d be chasing bunnies and quail myself.

Today is the start of the next big project.  I’ll be meeting with a new client this afternoon to discuss what they’re looking to do.  And I’m hoping that I can get the drippy / gunky stuff to stop for just a little while today!  😀

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