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Ah yes, the ever so neglected blog that I used to pay so much attention to!  What happened?  Where did it all go so wrong…….?

Oh, moving.  That’s what has done me in.  But now, with the move basically over here I am, returning to tend to my severely ignored blog.

So, here’s the scoop…..

Friday February 11th is the grand reopening of the Ian Russell Gallery on Whiskey Row.  RL Charpentier Photography will be located in the same location, however I am completely separate from the gallery.  Sublet.  I will not be involved in the gallery biz, won’t be up front meeting with folks rolling through, etc.  I will instead have my studio location in the new location, I’ll be available to my print clients for color matching and imaging reproductions, and printing of course.  I’m also offering portrait work now, so if you need a photo…….

Over the course of the past 2 years I’ve found what does and does not work for my business.  I’ve talked about it here and there.  And hopefully this works better for all concerned.  While the studio space isn’t a full warehouse, it’s a workable space to be sure.  And moving along with Ian means he can still let clients know that any flat art pieces in the gallery can be reproduced in a variety of sizes, and of course, accurately.

Want a look around? Check out the YouTube video above. Gives you an idea of my new operating environment.

So yes, I still exist.  Blogging resumes today.  Rest resumes at some unnamed date and time.  Ah, chugging right along.

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