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May of 2006, North of the Colorado New Mexico Border

May of 2006, North of the Colorado New Mexico Border

So I’ve been blogging about the proposed trip across country for a little while now. And I’d really like to make the trip a reality. In order to do it though I’ve got to find a way to finance it, and I’ve finally figured out how. I’m going to need the support of my “social media” community, and we’re going to see how well it works.

It’s been 5 years since I last saw New England. And 5 years since the Airstream has rolled across America and I documented the trip with all it’s ups and downs. Finally, in that 5 year time I’ve had several nieces & nephews join the family, and I have yet to meet them. Time to hit the road, and what better time than my “off season” at the gallery. In order to make it all a reality I need your help.

Currently on Facebook I have 571 folks who have friended me. My business page has more than 150 followers on FB. Twitter we have nearly 300. And this blog sees thousands of unique visitors per week. So, can we leverage this social media community to get the Airstream out on the road for the month of August? Let’s see.

Prints to fuel the trip

Between now and July 20th I’m going to be running an interesting print sale through Zenfolio. My 8×12 prints are selling for $25 each on the site (that’s a 30% savings from locations where I display). If I can get 300 purchases of the prints online between now and July 20th we’ll see the Airstream Chronicles full of fun articles on travel again for at least a month!

That’s where this readership and the other social media readers come in. If as many folks who’ve followed along all these years were to by one 8×12 print it’s doable. You get your favorite image of mine, and help fund a much needed return visit to see family and friends in New England.

If you’ve always wanted to get one of my works, there couldn’t be a better time than now! I’ve heard from many readers and Facebook friends that they enjoy my work and would like to own a piece for their very own. Well, it’s time guys!

To make the deal more appealing I have the following to offer:

  • If we manage to sell at least 100 prints on Zenfolio we will have a random drawing from the customers, and one customer will receive a 16×24″ canvas of their choice in September.
  • Reaching 200 sales by July 20th we’ll randomly draw 2 customer names and each will receive a 16×24 canvas of their choice.
  • 300 sales (the magic number to hit the road), we’ll draw 3 customers randomly. The grand prize customer will receive a 24×36″ canvas of their choice, and the runners up will receive a 16×24″ canvas each.

Oh, and so you know. You’re not restricted to the 8×12 prints. You can also order larger prints, framed prints, and canvases through Zenfolio. For every $25 you’ll get one entry into the giveaway. That means if you buy a $100 print you’ll be entered 4 times for the giveaways.

So, there’s the proposal in a nutshell. This isn’t so much a fundraiser as it is an incentive for folks who’ve followed along here for quite some time to get the print they’ve always wanted and get the Airstream Chronicles back where it belongs, on the road.

Want to help out more?

If you’re excited by the prospect of seeing the Airstream Chronicles back on the road, you can help further. Re-tweet this post, link it in Facebook, share on your own blog. Let’s leverage the social media outlets and see if we can get folks to respond. We all get invites constantly on Facebook for events, fundraisers, etc. And in my case I’ve often responded, helped out with fundraisers, and gotten the word out.

Help me get the word out. Let’s see what we can do, and I promise you fun travel stories and amazing images if this works.

Okay, now off to Zenfolio with you!

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