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Can a person go to Route 66?

Well, for me at this point many times.  And you know, I always seem to find something that interests me.  Yesterday we did another ride along a section of 66 with my family.  Another fun day!

So, what did everyone see?  Burma Shave signs, Dead Chicken, a giant chicken, old cars, an old barber shop, people spraying mustard at other people…..the usual stuff!

Large stretches of 66 have nothing along the roadsides.  Then you get to a little stop like Seligman and you find the history of the route all around you.

Given the story behind the movie Cars I think my family had a good time.  Now they’ve seen the town that was bypassed by the highway to save 10 minutes of driving time.  They’ve gotten to see that the town is still struggling to keep going (it’s a small place).  Bet the next time they watch the movie they’ll think of the real stop along the way!

Well, no time left to blog!  It’s 6 a.m. and I’m getting ready to go to the Verde Canyon Railway!  Should be an interesting ride, and I hope to have some great photos from the trip!

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  1. Ahhh, the ol’ STP sticker. We were putting the new Air Forums sticker on our beloved Aluminotti and I made a comment about the old STP stickers. Remember when they were cool?

    Hope you’re having fun with the family.

    Enjoy the soft opening of the gallery! I’m bummed I can’t be there. I think my stepdaughter would kill me if we didn’t show up at her wedding next weekend. Know you’ll be in my thoughts…

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