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Humboldt and Mayer – Two more stops on the ghost town quest

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humboldt-1The ghost town quest has not been forgotten.  Just side tracked due to other activities over the past few weeks.  There’s always something to do, right?

Listed under the “Yavapai Ghosts” in the Arizona Highways guidebook, Humboldt and Mayer have been on my “to do” list.  Sure, they’re still active towns like Jerome and Bisbee, but they’re still listed as ghost towns and mining camps.  I do understand why given their history and historical building.  And it’s pretty easy to understand given the transformation of the towns.

Mining has ceased in these places.

Humboldt was the first stop, and it was interesting.  Right off of Route 69 there’s a “mall” type plaza with fake old time store fronts.  Thought I’d take a shot showing your standard parking lot and the “new old time” buildings.

Of course, up the road there are some older buildings that still exist in Humboldt.  The old bank is now a church, but it sure looks like a bank still.  No photos there, too many cars blocking the building.  There’s an auction house as well, but I didn’t come away with anything that I liked.

mayer-4I’m sorry to say, Humboldt didn’t hold much when it comes to the old and abandoned buildings that I enjoy shooting so much.

Mayer was a different story.  It held a few items that I had fun shooting……..

At the center of the old downtown in Mayer you’ll find several older buildings that are still in use, just like Humboldt.  And there’s a few cool items to photograph……

One favorite….old cars.  Hey, I get requests for shots of older cars, so I’m always happy to find good ones and share them!

I think I need to start hitting the classic car rallies around here.  I bet I could really come away with some stunning images!

Arriving in Mayer my spirits were lifted after Humboldt.  More to shoot, more that looked truly interesting and truly dated!  I guess that’s what I’m looking for with each place I visit.

mayer-1Of course, the buildings in Mayer are still in use.  Wireless hotspots are now available in them!  🙂

The trip didn’t last long.  Two smaller stops, nothing on the scale of a Vulture or a Ruby.  Plus we had a wind storm yesterday that would blow your mind (ha)!  Seriously, shooting in blasting wind and blasting sand is a little difficult.  Sand blasting is not good for my lenses (to my knowledge).

There’s the wrap on the latest in the ghost town quest…….

Of course, more will be coming in the future months!

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  1. Nice way to spend the weekend. Interesting “mall” concept… I like the truck – will you be giving the Titan (or Versa) a name soon?

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