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This morning I was supposed to go out and shoot from the top of Glassford Hill with my friend Josh.  Unfortunately a few circumstances came up….

  • I worked until 11:15 p.m. last night.  Got home and couldn’t fall right to sleep.  SHOCKING!
  • The “Regulators” had a little shin dig this morning and I’ve really been wanting to take a few photos.
  • I called Josh this morning at 7:30 after waking up.  We headed into town to check out the Regulators.

If you don’t know who the Regulators are I suggest you click the link above in the bulleted list.  Pretty cool organization.  My old neighbors Bill & Shari Hill are part of the group.  Definitely beyond a historical society!

Ever since the photo walk I’d been thinking about a few photos of these folks.  Many of the photo walk participants got some AMAZING photos of a few of these people.  I wanted some too!

My thinking this morning was an old meets new.  Maybe a little sepia work combined with the actual colors?  I figured the worst that could happen was photos that I didn’t like.  That happens all the time.  Heck, many people love some of my shots that I absolutely hate.  Go figure.  😉

After our photos at the museum Josh and I walked around town for a while.  A few more photos were taken, then we headed our separate ways.  Of course I came home and immediately started looking through the pictures.  Then after a little looking I picked two that were sent over to PhotoShop.

5 minutes each.  That’s what I’ve spent on these so far.  A little “old meets new” look and feel.  My bottom line….I wanted to draw the people out of their environment.

The two shots here were processed in a similar way.

  1. Imported into Photoshop Lightroom 2.
  2. Opened in Photoshop CS3 in the RAW editor mode.
  3. Smart Object copies created and masks added.
  4. A black & white treatment with a Sepia style touch.  Not a true sepia, I played with it.
  5. A quick select of the people, and then attack with the history brush.
  6. Imported back into Photoshop Lightroom 2.
  7. The vignettes added.
  8. A little extra fill light for the people.
  9. Dropping the exposure for the backgrounds.
  10. Fin!

That’s it.  Quick work with the shots.  There’s still more that I can and will do.  Why did I post them so fast?  Are you kidding, you don’t know?

I haven’t had super restful days in a while.  In addition, I haven’t gotten to get out and take some fun pictures in a while either.  Getting to play with shots right after taking them?  Priceless!  And playing with an idea that has been on my mind…….yeah, just too much to resist.

When I get the final versions of these done I’ll share them.  🙂

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