I made it the whole month! And we’re at post 1101.

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Almost feeling binary today seeing the post number. Of course, we need a few more 0’s and 1’s. 2 does not exist!

A month of continuous blogging!

Yes, today is the final day of my month long quest to make sure I posted every day.  Not since I roamed the country in the Airstream have I blogged every day for a month.  Sad but true.

And yes, some of this month’s posts were pretty lame, short, and not thought out.  That’s what happens when you’re a busy guy who seems to have trouble finding down time for himself.

Going forward, there won’t be a post a day for a whole month.  More likely?  Posts during the week, and weekends off from blogging.  I mean, I need a little time to actually think up super good posts vs the rinky dink posts that come with being too busy.

A favorite thing to do is pre-write posts.  Sometimes I’ll get on a roll and have three different subjects in mind.  So I’ll pre-write 3 days worth of posts.  That gives me some breathing room.

In the next few weeks I’ll talk more about the business of being in business.  What I’m learning every day about growing my own business.  And I’ll be posting a “cold water” article on where we’re at in the photo biz.  An old friend stopped in yesterday, and answering all of their questions about going “pro” gave me a lot of material for a very long post on the subject.

Speaking of old friends….

Gunny is in town!  Haven’t seen him since the Spring.  For those of you who aren’t regular followers, Gunny is an Airstreamer who full times as well.  Winters are in Texas, summers in Oregon.  This year he did some extra traveling.

Gunny has been kind enough to help me with a major problem with my Airstream.  The under belly took some salt damage years ago (2006) when the Airstream was pulled back to New England for Christmas.  Well, 2 days worth of driving in the salt actually rotted through the belly pan in back.  So, it recently started separating (hence no Airstream trips).  As of this morning it’s all fixed.  Gunny + Drill + Rivet gun.  🙂  I’ll write more on the subject soon, take some pictures of the damage, and pictures of the fix too.

Alright, that’s it.  Off to color match 8 paintings today and run proofs.  Busy is good!

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