Take only pictures, leave only footprints

If you’ve wondered why I think Scott Kelby rocks……

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Beyond the fact the guy is a great tech trainer, he’s funny too.  No, really, he is.

I know some friends don’t like the humor in his books, but I get a kick out of it!

Today Mr. Kelby demonstrated how funny he really is with the latest post.  Did you hear about the Air Force One stunt the other week?  Scared people in NY just a bit.  Big plane flying low…..yeah, no reason to worry about that at all, right?  Well, Scott Kelby pointed out an easier way to have gotten the photo shoot the White House was looking for.


He also points out they could have saved a ton of money had they just used current images and Photoshop.

Go check out the post and have a laugh!  Thanks to Scott for reminding us we can do more…….with Photoshop.

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