I’m not anti-social – It’s an allergy thing

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Some days are just perfect.  And some days you want to stay in bed and pull the sheets over your head.  There are also times when it’s not just a day, things are off for the week, or for the month.  So far September seems to a month that you want some extra sheets to pull over your head……

We’re having an off month….

Starting the month out we learned that we had lost out on a chain of 8 RV Resorts.  They’re letting their original designers take another crack at creating a modern, mobile friendly website.  And so far, watching what they’re doing it’s not going the right way.  That’s sometimes what happens when all you do is shop for the lowest price.  But ah well, let this one go and continue looking for other clients!

Beyond the business side, some other things have come up.  For one, Jodi noticed the other day that there was water dripping out below our water heater.  Sure enough, it looks like the tank is shot, and needs to be replaced.  Given the fact that this Airstream is over 11 years old and I’ve lived in it full time for YEARS, it isn’t surprising.  When it’s all said and done, we’re looking at about $600 to get the replacement and have it installed.  While I think I could do it, the propane line coming into the heater is in an odd location.  So we’re hiring a pro to do the job.

Disappointment at the Airstream

Since I got sick in 2005, mis-diagnosed in 06′, and lived with medical issues until 2010 my health has always been a bit of a concern.  After resolving the 5 year infection in my jaw in 2010 I’ve felt better.  And a lot of my Allergies subsided.  But recently I was wondering how I was really doing.  Sleep issues, abdominal pain, and some weird dizzy spells now and again.  And let’s not forget the ER visit last summer after eating peanuts (which I never had an issue with).  So recently I paid a visit to my physician.  Hadn’t seen him in a bit…..

He had a series of blood panels done.  And I got the results the other day.  I’ll just say it, the results of my RAST test sucked!  Wheat, Corn, Soy, Peanuts, Shell Fish, Fish, Sesame Seeds, Milk, Eggs, Walnuts, and a host of other minor ones.  Basically I’ve got to re-adjust the diet again, and there are more restrictions than ever!

Today I’m off to review the latest allergy results with my doctor.  And in a few weeks we’ll be scheduling a colonoscopy again as my gut has been getting inflamed again.  You’d figure in 10 years time I’d have this all worked out, but that just isn’t the case.  So keep a good thought for me, I hate going to doctors.  🙁

And just so you know, if you invite me out to dinner I’m going to say no.  It’s nothing personal, I just don’t trust others to read every ingredient, and I have to do it.  It’s an allergy thing.


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  1. Good thoughts coming your way… along with Happy Memories of our Anza-Borrego hikes … and drives listening to great music!

    Sending positive energy your way!


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